Crystal Drop Aqua is a great opportunity for those looking for alternatives and wanting to try something new at an attractive price-performance ratio. Filter is easily and conveniently placed in the water tank of an automatic coffee machine.

Like original: Nivona NIRF700, Bosch TCZ 6003, Krups F08801, Melitta Pro Aqua, AEG 9000849514, AEG AEL01, Claris, Siemens TZ 60003.

Advantages of Crystal Drop Aqua filter:
– instantly filters the water for the coffee you are making;
– eliminates extraneous elements of water taste and odour;
– removes limescale, which is particularly harmful to the coffee machine;
– removes limescale, which alters the taste of the coffee. Water with limescale makes the coffee taste sour.

An activated filter can be used for up to 2 months or until it filters out 50 litres of water.

Made in Italy

Distributor: JSC Pretendentas, Lvovo 89A, 08104 Vilnius, Lithuania.