These cleaning products are designed for extremely convenient use. Crystal Drop cleaning tablets remove the coffee fat remaining in the machine, which builds up between the brewing unit and the coffee outlet. By following this simple cleaning step, you will not only keep the inside of the automatic coffee machine clean but also protect it from the accumulation of coffee fat and bacteria. The cleaner the coffee machine, the better quality coffee you will enjoy.

Use 1 tablet per cleaning cycle. It should be placed in the place indicated on the coffee machine manual or the screen.

Compatible with: DeLonghi, Bosch, Siemens, Melitta, Nivona, Krups, WMF, Jura, Saeco, Miele, Philips.

Made in Germany

25 tablets of 2 g

Distributor: JSC Pretendentas, Lvovo 89A, 08104 Vilnius, Lithuania.